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A woodworker is only as good as his tools, which is why Mill Creek Woodworking has a complete woodworking shop. With a full line of both hand and power tools, a refinishing room, metal working area and extensive woodworking library, we are set up to tackle even the most complicated restorations, reproductions and repairs.

Ruff room

Table saw, 20 inch Band saw, Jointer, Planer, Radial arm saw, Sliding miter saw, Flow over stripping system.

Metal area

Using our moderate metal working area, we can repair most metal parts relating to furniture, including a small foundry for casting missing brass parts.

Arc, Gas, Wire feed welding, Electro plating, Eletrolisis rust removal, Band saw, Drill press, Grinders & polishing, Small Break, Anvil and all metal working tools.

Bench room


 Woodworking Planes and Chisels Woodworking Chisels

Finish Room

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